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What a surprise...
von Roughale

...though we all knew from the reviews here of the fests taking place before us here in Fischkopp City Hamburg ;-)

So we were prepared and that helped most of the people to either stay away or not putting hopes up too high.

I myself have nothing against Disney cartoons, only the singing gets on my nerves and good news is that this one has no song in it!

The story is classically structured like a fairy tale based upon the discovery of Atlantis and is set in the 1920s.

As always there are a lot of well-known actors giving the cartoon characters a voice, here we get Mike J Fox and most notably (cos I recognized him right!) Jim Rockford, errr James Garner ;-)

I had fun and this film was ok, maybe a lil misplaced for some, but I did not regret seeing it.

war im Cinemaxx, Hamburg

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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