The Big Thing

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The Big Thing
Kanada 2004
Regie Carl Laudan

Aus dem offiziellen Programm:
Nicht minder sensationell geht es in THE BIG THING zu: Hier planen im Paris zur Jahrhundertwende Luzifer und Erzengel Michael ein schnelles Ende der Welt - so Gott (nicht) will noch vor dem Frühstück...
Lucifer & the Archangel Michael get together to do the Big Thing: end the World, in 1889, in Paris. The two team up to put in motion a cunning plan pre-destined by design, but 'the Devil’s in the details'. Times have changed since the good ol’ days, and the duo have to contend with modern conveniences. The Anti-Christ is a bit of an idiot in some ways, but not when it comes to family planning, unfortunately for the budding alliance between would-be enemies. No matter how distasteful it might be, they must overcome this spanner-in-the-works, or they’ll have to wait a millennium for their next opportunity. Well: they pull it off, and the World ends before breakfast...


Get Shorty 2005



The Big Thing
  • 5.8/10 6
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