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von Roughale

That film was recommended to me, otherwise I may have skipped it as Sunday at 2pm is not a good time to be at the cinema, so thanx for that tip.

A picture that really brought the story of a teenager about, who is lost in thoughts and dreams. Not a straight story, not easy to swallow, but that’s what makes the film great and outstanding. Many interpretations of the film can be rightfully explained, but that is foreshadowed in the film itself, when Donnie gets up in class and crituicises his teacher that life is not strictly fit inbetween Love and Fear.

Very good acting, good choice of unknown face for the title role, refreshingly different Drew Barrymore as alternative teacher and last but not least a surprisingly effective Patrick Swayze (now what was really in that cellar room? ;-))

Nice trip back in time to the 80s underlined by a good choice of music from that period...

verweste im Cinemaxx, Hamburg

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Donnie Darko
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