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von Alan Smithee
I guess this kind of story has been coming up in film a lot and is therefore nothing new: The Millenium building in New York with the latest and greated technology especially concering the elevators. And then these elevators seem to start doing their own thing, including offing people (and dogs..) So these elevators are more than just machines (I won’t go into the why as not give something away) and they need to kill people. Well, fair enough but it seems that political correctness got the better after all - how come the little girl isn’t gobbled up too?!?!?!? Although the acting was passible, the lines were corny at some points and the baddie was a German (well, at least he was a clever German baddie!) What saved the film from being a total disappointment were one or two scenes that went TOTALLY contrary to your expectations and earned some real laughs and applause because of that (e.g. the switch from the elevator inside to the diner, the hand coming out to get him, etc)

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