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High expectation - no downfall
von Roughale

That is a film that was definitely picked after seeing the trailer at the FFF. Thanx for showing the trailer I would have missed a good popcorn film.

Now what did we get, everything that was to be expected, a B-movie, but that never was something to get down as a bad sign. It had a lot of sixties monster movie feel to it and not too lil gore as well and it featured one favourite film bad guy Mike Ironside. So can anything go wrong? Well apart from the elevators I’d say not ;-) There was enough black humour to keep the audience amused, the bland man scene was good in the trailer, but the full scene was a blast! The dog pulled him almost out again ;-) And the decapitation scene was great, nicely cut (pun intended!). Ok, maybe the end was a lil too much, but then aren’t all great monster movies like that in away ;-)

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