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Alan Smithee S * 9.0

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GORGO is a giant monster film produced by King Brothers and directed by Eugene Lourie. A huge sea monster, 65’ tall, is captured off the coast of Ireland and brought back to London as a circus attraction. Before long its gargantuan mother appears, an unstoppable force of prehistoric nature that wreaks havok on everything in her path to rescue her baby. Up until GORGO, audiences of giant monster films automatically assumed that prehistoric menaces would be killed in the end; it was just a question of how. Not so with GORGO. This colossal creature had an intelligence and omnipotent persona that was far above that of humankind. Additionally, its sheer size was astonishing, dwarfing Godzilla, Rodan, and any other giant menaces one cares to consider. Although Mama is touted as being 200 feet tall "at the very least", no upper limit is given, -and wisely so when one considers the scene in which the sixty-five foot tall baby is merely up to mother’s ankles. A fine, colorful, well produced film, with a monster one can fall in love with!

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