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von Alan Smithee
Really enjoyed this one too. A comedy horror mixture with beautiful houses and rather unpleasant tales behind them - the houses are all in the same area and already before we even start the stories, in the very first scenes to chirpy violins we get to see some, well, 'strange' going-ons in the neighbourhood. Story one is more or less the normal wife betrays husband, husband catches wife in flagranti, wife and lover kill husband, consequences happen. Didn’t find it that scary as even the shock moments (eyes opening, hand grabbing your leg, etc) are like, sooooo old. Second story: frankly, I was more scared of the father than the monkey who was really only trying to defend itself (admittedly it was pretty good at it) But having adopted a small monkey myself which found itself into our garden, I can well remember it causing havoc with the dogs, the pantry and making my mother pose an ultimatum - her or the monkey. We opted for my mother. The third story - yup, grannies can be scary at the best of times and this was the story to really bring in the gore. Seems troubled teenagers are all the rage at the moment

guckte im City, München

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House on Terror Tract
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