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von Alan Smithee
The story is about a hit man and the guy who is to learn from him on the job, on their way to a job. They pick up a girl asking for a lift and drive to a train station to wait for the job. At the station we have already seen a yellow taxi waiting for passengers. All this in a really dreary, depressing, cold winter landscape with muddy roads. The violence that continues throughout the movie especially perpetrated by the hit man is sickening - but I believe plausible - and his 'excuse' is that they are all part of the Mechanism (i.e. the war, the sanctions make you soulless there is no escape from the kill or get killed mechanism). The taxi driver is desperate NOT to become part of this mechanism and offers no resistance (or helps the woman when she gets bashed about and raped by the hit man). Finally, you cannot keep out of the mechanism AND stay alive is the message of this story. REALLY depressing and I read a review by a movie-goer that he/she didn’t think it very realistic and the violence is there just for violence sake. I don’t agree. I thought it was a very good and very scary film. What I found surprising but very positive was to see it as part of the Fantasy Film Festival.

verweste im City, München

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