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Coming to U.S.A.! HOORAY!
von Krinda

I was fortunate enough to see this MARVELOUS movie at a private screening, here in the United States, and still in French. Just WONDERFUL!

I was really taken with the Director of Photography’s splendid work, and the editor did a phenomenal job of piecing together everything so beautifully.

The scenery is divine, and the storyline (although scary, and sometimes violent) is incredible.

But it’s the actors and the director (THE Christophe Gans) who pull this into something truly worth seeing. The fight scenes with "Mani" (played by Mark Dacascos) are stunning, and even as a non-martial artist, I was knocked out by the "choreography" this character provided.

This movie is truly worth seeing, in ANY language!

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Der Pakt der Wölfe
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