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Alan Smithee * 5.0

At least this was different. The whole film is without one word of dialogue, filmed in black and white and made to look 'old' (from the film stock to the time and place setting). The title is taken from the fact that the rat, that lives in the old man’s run-down room watches what he does. Now, by the nature of the way this film is made it is atmospheric and asks you to re-adjust your viewing technique. It has it’s gory elements, it’s scary characters - e.g. the guy in the mask. What I never understood about the plot is how come all these women go with him? I mean, yes granted, he seems like a nice, chubby, kind old man but no reason to follow him to his room! As to the connection between him and the group of psychopaths -huh? I thought they were competitors so why does he 'deliver' the one or other girl to them? And then saves one from them?

guckte im City, München

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Le Rat
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