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von Alan Smithee
An interesting idea - 'floating' making travel quicker. However, as with any travel arrangments they can go wrong and I don’t think I like the thought that my body is being used by somebody else (especially used for WHAT). So, the concept of the film is interesting and generally it was an enjoyable and pretty well thought-out action movie but there were one or two scenes in there that really detracted from the story line and were totally unnecessary, e.g. the sex/love-making scenes, the pyromaniacal explosion. These scenes could have quite happily been left out and it would have made a better film. Or does it say in the handbook on 'How to make movies' that you have to have a sex and an explosion scene? Also, there were one or two MAJOR gaffs which produced hilarious laughter from the audience: e.g. he fishes the key out of an acid bath basically dissolving his arm in the process, she then picks up the key protected only by wrapping the bottom of her sweater around her fingers, huh????

war im Cinema, München

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